When Two Becomes Three – Houston Baby Photographer

There is nothing better then returning customers.  I just love this couple and their sweet baby.  I had the privilege to photographing Eva and Jerry’s wedding.  Then they called for Maternity portraits and then newborn and the baby plan.  These are Sweet baby J’s sitting and crawling photos.  He is such a sweet boy and a perfect combination of mom and dad!  Enjoy!

First Baptist Church Pasadena Wedding Photographer | Lauren & Travis

It’s no bigger compliment then when another highly respected photographer refers you to their clients because they no longer photograph weddings.  It’s even a greater compliment with the family chooses you and entrust you with their most precious memories.  Such was the case with Lauren’s family.  This wedding was just filled with emotion.  Love, tears and an immense amount of joy.  The couple created the convent of marriage at the First Baptist Church in Pasadena.  It is a stunning chapel with a best bridal suite ever.  The campus is just a lovely and it was the perfect location for Lauren and Travis to have their marriage.  The couple celebrated their marriage at the East Harris County Activity center, where their family and friends dined on yummy Mexican food and danced the night way.  The FireHeart Fotobooth was kept busy throughout the night.  And their exit was filled with bubbles and a car which is probably still not clean.  It was a fabulous day for two amazing families.  Enjoy!



Agave Real Wedding Photographer – Jamie and Matt

I just love this couple!  They are heartfelt, loving and surrounded by love.  What makes for a better wedding than that.  As a Houston wedding photographer one of my favorite locations to shoot is Agave Real and Agave Estates as it makes for the perfect wedding backdrop.  Jamie and Matt chose Agave Real for their wedding and reception.  It was a loving and emotional wedding with Jamie’s grandmother in attendance. The day was magical and Jamie is a stunning bride and Matt, sporting a handsome beard, is the sweetest man.  The bridal party was filled with fun and laughs!  Enjoy!

September 16, 2015 - 11:41 pm

kimberly scarborough - Just fabulous!!!!!!!!Lovely fun pictures, can’t wait to see them all!!!

The Legacy of Photography – In Memory of Regina Melgares

One of the reasons I love being a photographer is to capture a moment in time which tells a story or brings back a memory to the viewer.  As a wedding photographer I want my clients grandchildren to be able to sit on their lap and see their grandparents wedding day in an album.  The idea of leaving images for generations to come is something which I am very passionate about.

About a month ago I got a call from my bride, Jamie.  She told me her grandmother had been diagnosed with brain cancer and might not make the wedding. She really wanted her grandmother to see her get married, so it would possible they would change their plans for when the “marriage” would happen.  Seems 86 year old Regina had a different idea and planned on seeing her granddaughter get married on the day it was planned.

Last Sunday, August 3o, 2015 Regina arrived decked out and looking beautiful for her granddaughter wedding.  I had the privilege of photographing her portrait and then capture her with her loving family.

After the first dance she mentioned to her son she didn’t see him dance with Jamie so they danced again.  Then she was passed to her granddaughter for a little dance and a tender embrace and loving good-bye.

Regina stayed the night and you could see the joy in her heart.  It was a magical day filled with a loving family, a new couple and a grandmother determined to see her granddaughter marry.

Today Regina passed away peacefully in her sleep.  It is such an honor to capture these moments which are the legacy’s of families.

To your loving spirit!

Regina Melgares – August 24, 1929 – September 1, 2015

The Beautiful Regina Melgares

Generational Portrait with Jamie the Bride, Regina and Jamie’s Mom

Regina and her Son (the brides father)

Regina and her Sister

Jamie and Matt with Regina

The Melgares family

Regina and her two son’s with Jamie.

The Bride Immediate Family

Regina’s big beautiful family

Regina seeing Jamie dance with her dad

Regina one last swing on the dance floor with her granddaughter

A loving embrace of a grandmothers love

Sweetness of a granddaughter holding her grandmother

Your family loves you and you will be missed. Blessings on your new journey Regina


September 3, 2015 - 1:40 pm

William C Davis - Very sad. Valerie and Jose are like family. We knew Regina personally and she was like family, as well. It was lovely seeing her at the wedding. I spoke with her twice. The first time she had trouble remembering me. A few minutes later, standing near her, she grabbed my arm and thanked me for talking to her. She said, ‘I know who you are, and thank you.’ She is loved and she will be missed.

September 3, 2015 - 5:46 pm

Pam Smith-Luna - Uncle Jose,Aunt Val, My Cousins Jamie & Matt,Michael & Megan & All the Melgares Family I know that was/is a bittersweet moment but a Beautiful Memory I Love & Miss You All ❤️