Agave Road Night Wedding with Keri & Blake

The amazing night wedding at Agave Road in Katy, Texas. We love photographing weddings at night. While it presents a host of challenges as a photographer to not make the images look “flashy” and to capture the ambient light of the scene, it is something we absolutely love to do. When Toni (the bride’s mom) Keri (the bride) and Blake (the groom) and I met for the first time, I was over the moon to capture their New Years Eve Wedding. The wedding would begin well after sunset and all the pre-wedding photographs would be taken after dark. This would create an amazing look with the stunning backdrop of Agave Road.

It was an amazing celebration of love and joy of these two families. We are so honored to be the chosen photographer for this stunning wedding. Enjoy!

Grand Imaging Award TOP 10 & KODAK ELITE NOMINEE

Professional Photographers of America each year has a series of Photographic Print Competitions. These competitions are judged by training judges and determine the images which are worthy of Merit and Loan. To see more about his visit my blog post on Print Competition Here.

Print competition is the single most challenging thing I do in my career and the ONE THING which continues to make me a better photographer for all of my clients.

With just a couple of exceptions, all of the images I enter are client images.

In 2016 I was honored with the Kodak Gallery Award and That image is now up for the Kodak Elite Award which will be judged at Imaging USA In San Antonio next week.

Image Title:


In addition, when an image receives the prestigious designation of LOAN, it is then judged one more time for the GRAND IMAGING AWARDS (GIA). This is the best of the best and in the photography world. it’s like being nominated for an Academy Award.

For any competitor, the dream of being nominated for a GIA is the creme-da-la-creme. The best of the best of the best.

I am honored that I have been nominated for 2 GIA’s this year in the Wedding Catagory. I cannot explain how excited I am about this! Both of these images were created for clients and I am over the moon that my client work is being recognized at such a high level.



I invite you to join me at the GIA’s in San Antonio, via FACEBOOK LIVE. The show starts at 6PM Central Time. You can see it HERE.

Jenna & Travis – Maternity

I love it when my brides and grooms come back when expecting. There is no bigger compliment than to have lifelong clients. Jenna and Travis are expecting in early January, and we had an amazing maternity session this past weekend. The two of them are over the moon happy for their baby girl to arrive and I am thrilled to be able to photographer her when she gets here!


Woodlands Wedding Photography – Megan & Devin

I met Megan’s mom at a Texas School of Professional Photography. We sat next to each other for a week and got to know each other as we improved our skills. It was an awesome surprise when she called to ask if I would photograph her daughter’s wedding. It is such a honor when a photographer ask you to photograph their child’s wedding.  Leslie shared her daughter with me and it touched my heart. So welcoming to us into their family and lives as they celebrated the marriage of their daughter and their new son-in-law. This family is just wonderful and I just fell in love with all of them. I feel truly blessed to have photographed this most perfect day. Enjoy this little sneak peek!