106 degrees of HOT!

Who knew when we planned this trip we would have record breaking temps and drought.  It was so hot today the windshield radiated heat.  Our trip around the Fort Worth stock yards was fun and HOT.  There is a cool place near the stock yards called the Ruins.  It has lots of rumors as to what it was, is and will become.  It is posted with lots of no trespassing signs.  I really wanted to jump the fence and go in… but decided that getting arrested on day one might not be such a good idea.  I still got a couple of cool shots… but mostly today was about the boys and just getting on the road.  Tomorrow we are off early to Amarillo.  We did have a beautiful sunset.

July 9, 2011 - 5:04 am

Candy Baltazar - Love the photos. You will enjoy “TEXAS” and maybe it will be cooler in the Canyon. Remember my friend Joey lived up on one of those edges and I think it is beautiful there. I saw that play in the 80’s. How many years have they been preforming that show?Drink lots of water! Love you. Mom

The Luxury of Driving

So many people when I tell them I am driving to Colorado look at me like I am crazy.  I can see in their faces “why would you want to do that?”  I have come to find out that many people I know had horrible car trip experiences as children.  Traveling in the car with my mom and brother are some of the happiest memories I have as a child.  It was always an adventure.  It was never rushed.  No one in my family had to pee in a can while driving cross country for twenty hours, although occasionally we did stop on the side of the road.  My mother was an expert at holding a towel up and making you feel like no one could see as cars whizzed by on the interstate.

But mostly we stopped at truck stops and Stukies (the 70’s version of BUC-ees).  Truck stops because you could always guarantee a clean bathroom and friendly people and Stuckies because they had the best pecan rolls in the world.    Talking with my mom before this trip, she mentioned “traveling by car is a luxury” and I have to agree with her.   On our adventure we will not be traveling for more than four hours in any one stretch.  We plan on taking our time and stopping for photos, historical markers, BUC-ees, and other things we think might be cool or interesting.  This is what makes traveling by car fun.  As a child I remember saying to my mom “oh please can we go back….”  and we usually did.  Sometimes it was way cool and other times it was a dud, but it was always fun and exciting.  I learned Texas History not by books but through travel.  I learned about diamonds and crystals from a trip to Arkansas.  I learn about Native Americans by visiting reservations and climbing into cliff dwellings.  I learned we live in a diverse land and the place we call home is but a small sampling of our amazing country and its deep history.  I learned how to talk your way out of a traffic tickets with state troopers.  I learned that when in a head on collision with a bird – the bird dies and the grill on the cars dies too.  These are but a sampling of the memories from my travels as a child none of which I would have if we have traveled by plane.  I have dozens of stories all of which are happy from traveling by car.

I am hoping to create these kinds of memories with Liam.  Lasting memories created by him, so that one
day he will take his children for a traveling auto adventure.  I am planning on blogging our travels and I am hoping you will take this trip with us.  I apologize upfront for typos, grammatical errors, I hope you will overlook this as I will be blogging after a long day and my desire is to share the adventure and not
fret over the grammar and spelling.  I am going to relish in my perfect imperfection.  It should be fun ride.  Our adventure begins tomorrow….

For those of you wondering what I might be carrying in my camera bag, I am trying to go light.  One
bag, well two if you count the bag with flashes, well three if you count the tripod bag.  In my bag – Canon all the way – all day – 5d, 24-70L 2.8, 70-200L 4.0, Fisheye 2.8, 30d infrared converted camera with 17-40L 4.0, two 580exII flashes, Radio Poppers, one Sunpak Carbon Fiber tripod, one Manfrotto monopod, Canon  G-12,  Dell Laptop.  All packed neatly into my Kelly Moore Libby Camera Bag. Flashes and accessories are in my Jill-E Messenger bag.  Tripod and Monopod are in the Sunpak bag that came with the tripod.

July 7, 2011 - 11:03 pm

francie - feel free to leave comments — great way for us to stay in touch with family and friends…


Well change is happening at FireHeart Photography.  I have gotten a new blog and updated it with many of my sessions since last fall.  My goal is to blog every session, as well as provide some photography tips for photo bugs who want to learn a little more.  In addition, I will be highlighting some of my PhotoART and whatever else happens to inspire me.

The past year has been wonderful and I am expecting a great coming photography season. 

Colorado Sessions this Summer: I will be in the Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Colorado area from July 13-24.  If you would like to have a family session there – call me, I am taking bookings now. 

Fall Family Portraits: If you would like a great Christmas card this year – don’t wait to book! Spaces are filling up fast. 

Seniors of 2012 – Book now and receive a complimentary video of your session images a 295. value – this is only good if you book before January 1, 2012.  I am also looking for this year’s senior models, if you are a senior and would like to model for me a get TONS of free stuff for just referring me – call me and we will get you on the schedule.

Facebook Contest – if you get 20 of your friend to LIKE my FireHeart Photography Facebook page, you will receive a free mini session (30 minutes) for you and your family. Just have your friend write your name on my page and when you get to 20 you are a winner.  My goal is to get 1000 Likes before the end of the year.  With your help I think I can get there.

Check back often on the blog… let me know what you think… I love hearing from all of you.


P.S.  This will be the only post w/out images…

Kingwood Senior Photographer – Kate

Kate is a beauty that is my BFF’s daugther.  Kate is a unique soul and really into music and tatoos even though she is just graduating this year.  It was really fun photographing Kate because she was so open to anything.  Her video can be seen HERE – and these are some of my FAVs of the shoot.

June 7, 2011 - 2:27 pm

Kim - You’ve captured Kate’s true spirit in her Senior photo shoot! We LOVE her pictures and are so thrilled that you were our photographer. You say that Kate was open to all ideas, but your expertise and vision surely shines in each photograph! Thank You!

Tri-Coast and Texas School of Photography

Every year the first week in May is the Texas School for Photography.  It is an amazing school with lots of learning and lots of parties.  Photographers like to work hard and play hard.  This year’s school was no exception.  Mike Fulton, Suzy Fulton, Cody Clinton, Cindy Williams, and Jordan Chan rocked it out for the students in the class.  It was so wildly popular that it sold out in 1 second.  I was lucky enough to have  a trigger finger and get in on the class. 

The concept of the class is to throw everything you’ve been taught about photography out the window and try their way for 5 days to produce images 24 hours a day and not just in the “golden hours of photography.”  Amazing blue sky’s and proper lit subject.  Sunburst with subjects well lit.  All with gear which you can carry with you and no set up.  Before this class I thought impossible – I am a converted believer and here are some of my images from the class.

Please let me know what you think in the comments.