Kingwood Senior Photographer – Kate

Kate is a beauty that is my BFF’s daugther.  Kate is a unique soul and really into music and tatoos even though she is just graduating this year.  It was really fun photographing Kate because she was so open to anything.  Her video can be seen HERE – and these are some of my FAVs of the shoot.

June 7, 2011 - 2:27 pm

Kim - You’ve captured Kate’s true spirit in her Senior photo shoot! We LOVE her pictures and are so thrilled that you were our photographer. You say that Kate was open to all ideas, but your expertise and vision surely shines in each photograph! Thank You!

Tri-Coast and Texas School of Photography

Every year the first week in May is the Texas School for Photography.  It is an amazing school with lots of learning and lots of parties.  Photographers like to work hard and play hard.  This year’s school was no exception.  Mike Fulton, Suzy Fulton, Cody Clinton, Cindy Williams, and Jordan Chan rocked it out for the students in the class.  It was so wildly popular that it sold out in 1 second.  I was lucky enough to have  a trigger finger and get in on the class. 

The concept of the class is to throw everything you’ve been taught about photography out the window and try their way for 5 days to produce images 24 hours a day and not just in the “golden hours of photography.”  Amazing blue sky’s and proper lit subject.  Sunburst with subjects well lit.  All with gear which you can carry with you and no set up.  Before this class I thought impossible – I am a converted believer and here are some of my images from the class.

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Kingwood Country Club Wedding – Kingwood Wedding Photographer

 I love when I have the opportunity to try something as soon as a learn it.  This was the case with my class from Texas School this year.  I got to put my knowledge into real use during a wedding the day after I got back from the school.  This beautiful wedding was held at Deerwood Country Club, part of the Clubs of Kingwood.  Nicole and Chris are a wonderful couple and their families really fun. 

These images were taken at 2pm in full day sun outside the Deerwood Country Club.


Agave Road – A Family Joined Together at Agave Road

I fell in love with Natalie, Cello and their wonderful family when we did a family engagment session.  I knew the minute I met this family that this wedding would go down in the record books.  And it does!  They got married at my favorite Houston area venue Agave Road, where I am a prefered photographer vendor.  This wedding rocked into the night – you can view their amazing wedding slide show by clicking HERE.  Enjoy the images of this most magical wedding at Agave Road.