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After the majesty of the Taos Pueblo we explored the Plaza and enjoyed lunch the loaded up for Alamoso Colorado.  The only thing on the on the plan was to stop on the bridge to see the Rio Grande.  The wonderful thing about traveling  by car is that you find all kinds of thing you could never imagine.  About 20 minutes outside of Tao we discovered the community of Earthship.  Austin began to yell from the back seat “Earthship House – this are really cool” – come to find out he had seen these homes on the history channel. So of course we stopped to see the most unusual homes up close.  This community of about 60 homes is completely off the grid.  The build their homes from tires, hay, cans, bottles, and adobe mud.  With the glass and cans they look bedazzled.  What a great adventure and learning experience for our children.

Oh by the way they do have houses for rentals for the night or week.  You can checkout their webstie at Earthship.

July 15, 2011 - 2:40 am

Candy Baltazar - I remember this idea from the 80’s but I have never seen one of these home. I wonder what they look like inside.

July 15, 2011 - 3:05 am

francie - you can see what they look like if you google earthship homes for sale – the broker has videos of all the houses… very cool inside of the 1.5 million dollar home

Taos Pueblo

Taos has always been one of my most favorite cities in the world.  Can’t tell you why it is just something about the place I love.  Every time I go there I dream of moving there and being apart of this artistic, ancient, bohemian community.  This time I viewed it from the Pueblo.  Taos Pueblo is over a 1000 years old.  It is the only pueblo in the USA that has been consistently inhabited.  There are about 60 residents who live in the pueblo walls and over 2000 on the reservation.  At one point we had purchased flutes for the boys to play.  They were walking along making noise and a man came out of his shop and said “you two come here, I will show you how to make beautiful music with those flutes.”  He proceeded to spend the next twenty minutes with our boys teaching them the basics of the flute.

All of people we interacted with there were… hmmm words can not describe it… you have to visit this place to feel the history of the native peoples.  I wanted my images to reflect the haunting beauty of this place and pay tribute to the peoples of this pueblo.



July 14, 2011 - 5:49 am

Candy Baltazar - I am just in AWE! These are great photo, and they fill me with memories.

New Mexico Bound

After surviving the 111 degree temperatures, we headed for cooler ground.  Our guide on our jeep tour told us about a great truck stop that was also a tribute to Route 66 and the family who owned it collected cars and toys and had a museum in the truck stop.  Well we had to go.  Both Austin and Liam are lovers of cars.  Austin so much he can tell you make, type, year and what type engine it has in it.  So to Russell’s we went… here are a few pics from that cool stop just over the New Mexico boarder.

July 14, 2011 - 5:58 am


Traveling from a child’s view

Today was a big day of car time.  We drove from Fort Worth to Vernon.  Just happens that Shannon’s 89 year old grandmother lives in Vernon, so we stopped for lunch.  It was really fun hearing about farming in Vernon and how her family got there.  She is also quite the artist and paints in oil.  Liam was captivated by the images of farm life, American Indians, and scenic scapes.  He found my canon G-12 and went to town photographing the world from his perspective.  Here are his images – with one of he and Austin on the train tracks which I took at Liam’s request.  He’s got a great eye…



July 11, 2011 - 4:23 am

Candy Baltazar - Hope you didn’t leave the boys behind to ride the rails.

Pala Duro Canyon & Cadillac Ranch

Pala Duro Canyon has some amazing history and for the last 43 years they have been producing the musical “Texas” in the Canyon.  So of course we had do go.  We got the back stage tour which I highly recommend and then ate a cowboy dinner of steak and potatoes.  It was amazingly fun and the heat was not unbearable.  Today we got up early and went for a private jeep touring into the canyon.  It was a trip which if you are afraid of height you should not do.  I have some anxious moments doing hairpin turns on the edge of the canyon.  Pictures cannot capture the beauty and expanse of this most beautiful place.  No words can describe it.  I am so happy we took the time to make this stop on our adventure.  For some reason I cannot insert text easily between the photos… so just as an FYI – that is Liam hanging his head over the canyon wall.  About a thousand feet drop…

The afternoon brought us to Home Depot for spray paint and Cadillac Ranch – this was a very cool stop.  Who knew spaying paint on cars stuck in the ground would be so fun.

I am mixing our leisure photos with my artistic images.  As when blogging on the road it is just throw them up there.


July 11, 2011 - 4:23 am

Candy Baltazar - I love Palo Duro Canyon and I am happy you got to see it. The photo are great. Thanks.