Certified Professional Photographer -CPP

It has been over a year in the making and worth every moment.  Becoming a Certified Professional Photographer is a two part process.  A photographer must submit twenty images to a review board of other CPP’s.  Your images must past this review board.  In addition there is a timed test of 100 technical photography questions which the photographer must also pass.  Once you receive your CPP you are required to renew it every five years.  Less than 2500 photographers worldwide have obtained their CPP.  I am excited to announce that I passed image submission and the test on the first round.  It is exciting to join this prestigious group of photographers.  In the photography world CPP is like becoming a CPA in the accounting world.

What this means to my clients and potential clients:

What this means to my clients and potential clients:

  1. you can be assured that you have a photographer who has demonstrated the ability to create images which are of the highest standard within the industry
  2. you have a photographer who has demonstrated technical proficiency to consistently produce high quality photographs
  3. you have a photographer who is required to continue to maintain the standards set in the industry
  4. for potential clients you will have a photographer who will deliver images similar or better than what you see on my site or within this blog
  5. you have a photographer who takes her craft seriously and continues to learn and pursue excellence

I so appreciate my beloved husband for encouraging me through this process and Gary Meeks for his awesome mentorship for the test.

It has been a journey which I am thrilled to have taken and become better at my craft for doing so.  Now onto obtaining my Master of Photography degree – the journey has not ended – it has just begun.

Here are my images from my portfolio submission:

Agave Road Wedding – Erin & Tyler

Agave Road is wonderfully beautiful in the spring.  Flowers are blooming and the sun sets perfectly on the ceremony area.  Erin and Tyler are an unconventional couple who chose to see each other prior to the ceremony.  It did not take away from the first look down the aisle. Here is their 48 page album and a few of my favs from the day at Agave Road.