White Oaks on the Bayou Wedding Photographer – Danielle & Kiel

  • Looking the other day I discovered that have photographed over 400 wedding in the Houston area. For this Houston Wedding Photographer, that’s a lot of weddings. That number is over the past 12 years and as the years have passed I take fewer weddings per year. One because I want to provide the best service I can for my clients and two because weddings are on the weekends and that’s family time.

    When I have clients I connect with during our consultation, I want to do whatever I can to shoot that wedding because I know it’s going to be something really special, and after 400 weddings I’ve seen it all.

    After meeting with Danielle and Kiel, I knew I wanted to photograph their wedding. Danielle is a passionate, emotional and heartfelt kind person and Kiel is a smart, quiet strong man and they make for the most adorable couple. I love that Kiel knows something about photography and on occasion will ask about my lens choice or other nonchalant comments which I know he’s watching and taking it all in.

    How can you not love a client who ask you to be their wedding photographer with a save the date? I mean really isn’t that just fabulous!  You will see lots of details for this wedding as Kiel was responsible to for making many of those wooden items including the doors which they walked through on their wedding day. Each item has a meaning and was created or brought to the wedding with intention. This is how to do details making them really special.

    The youngest flower girl was a pistol and stole the show on more than one occasion. She is absolutely adorable. Her older sister had enough walking down the aisle so you have to check that out.

    The bridesmaids for this wedding were terrific! Best friends and were the calming force and gentle love that needed on a wedding day. Way to go ladies!

    It was a cold winter day which was perfect and made for beautiful images. Can’t say enough about this couple, their families, their wedding party — nothing less than exactly what the bride created.

    Venue – Whites Oak on the Bayou
    Wedding Day Coordinator – Rachel May

  • Photography – Fireheart Photography


Magnolia Meadows Wedding Photographer – Shelby & Jon

What a great new venue in Conroe! Magnolia Meadows was the backdrop for Shelby and Jon’s cold and wet wedding. But the weather was not going to keep these two from their wedding and Magnolia Meadows has a wonderful indoor location for the perfect wedding. Shelby and Jon are a sweet couple who really don’t like to be in front of the camera! But you would never know as their love shows through in these lovely images. It was great to be their wedding photographer at Magnolia Meadows. Enjoy!

Dallas Wedding Photographer – Lanee & Brent

Traveling to other cities to photograph weddings is always fun. Going to Dallas and having your two best friends photograph that wedding with you is the best. Having another photographer refer you to this client, makes it for the PERFECT wedding. Lanee and Brent are a fun couple who celebrated with friends and family! It was a great day and a wonderful wedding. Look for a special message from Lanee and Brent’s friends – Enjoy!

Wedding Images for Kelsey & Mac

Wow just wow! What a fabulous couple! I was given the privilege of photographing Kelsey and Mac, because their wedding photographer did not get any images of them together at their wedding. While I was sad that the photographer they hired missed those shots, I was thrilled to be able to get some stunning images of them together. They originally were married at Agave Road but due to Harvey the venue was damaged beyond repair and closed. So we captured these at the sister venue Agave Real. These two are amazingly photogenic and have the terrific chemistry together. Happy Anniversary Kelsey and Mac! Enjoy!