Dallas Wedding Photographer – Lanee & Brent

Traveling to other cities to photograph weddings is always fun. Going to Dallas and having your two best friends photograph that wedding with you is the best. Having another photographer refer you to this client, makes it for the PERFECT wedding. Lanee and Brent are a fun couple who celebrated with friends and family! It was a great day and a wonderful wedding. Look for a special message from Lanee and Brent’s friends – Enjoy!

Wedding Images for Kelsey & Mac

Wow just wow! What a fabulous couple! I was given the privilege of photographing Kelsey and Mac, because their wedding photographer did not get any images of them together at their wedding. While I was sad that the photographer they hired missed those shots, I was thrilled to be able to get some stunning images of them together. They originally were married at Agave Road but due to Harvey the venue was damaged beyond repair and closed. So we captured these at the sister venue Agave Real. These two are amazingly photogenic and have the terrific chemistry together. Happy Anniversary Kelsey and Mac! Enjoy!

Carriage House Wedding Photographer – Jennifer and Mitch

It is such an honor when I am referred by other photographers. There is really no greater compliment then when another professional loves your work enough to refer. This was the case with Jennifer and Mitch. A wonderful couple who met teaching and made their relationship official at The Carriage House. This is a wonderful country venue with lots of open space and a great reception hall. Enjoy

Madera Estates Wedding Photographer : Karen and Lance Engagement

From the moment I met Karen and Lance, I knew I wanted to photograph their wedding. They are a dynamic couple who have an amazing vision of what they want from their wedding. When they scheduled the engagement session in Galveston, we were hoping for a great day and fabulous sunset. And THAT is exactly what we got!  We started on the strand with some fun images then got to the beach for an amazing sunset which can only happen in winter when the sunset hits the island just right. So looking forward to their spring wedding at Madera Estates and capturing them in this amazing venue. Enjoy!

Some images beg to be painted and I love offering one of a kind fine art paintings to my signature clients.