Sand Dune National Park

When we decided to drive to Colorado, I wanted to make it fun and interesting.  I also didn’t want to drive more than 4 hours in a day so that we would have time to explore things along the way.  From Taos to Keystone was over that limit so I did a little research and found The Sand Dune National Park.  This looked really interesting and who doesn’t love a giant sand box.  So it went into the plan.  Located 35 miles outside of Alamosa Colorado it was right on the way to Keystone.  I thought dunes – okay dunes like you see in Galveston or at the beach – I thought white sands New Mexico.  NO NO NO – none of those references prepared me for what we were about to experience.  Twenty miles away we saw them!  It look like a white mountain.  We were traveling in a valley with mountain in every direction and this white mountain with another blue mountain behind it.  Nothing prepared me for this natural wonder.  Photographs on the web did not prepare me.  Mine don’t even touch manificants of these dunes/mountain.  It is 13,900 feet at its tallest point.  There is about a half mile hike to get the base of the dunes.  We spent over two hours climbing and got about 1/3 of the way up.  Liam was ready to go to the top – he climbed higher than any of us.

Photo below:Note the people on the mountain – this is the only thing which give perspective

Photos below:  Liam and Austin attacking the mountain



July 15, 2011 - 5:38 pm

Candy Baltazar - I had no knowledge of this place…it is amazing! Did it feel like the sand we know?

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