Pelazzio Photographer | Cara & Jeremy

Cara and Jeremy are a wonderful couple who have a fabulous grandmother!  Cara’s grandmother wanted her granddaughter to have stunning and beautiful images of her wedding day so she commissioned us for Cara and Jeremy’s wedding and reception.  It was a real honor to work with them and capture their lovely day.  Enjoy!

Royal blue was the color which looked amazing and was perfect for the Pelazzio Wedding Venue.

These lovely bridals were taken both inside and outside the location. You were never know this is in a strip center.

Oh yes this in a parking lot at the Pelazzio but we can capture beautiful images with just a little creative angles and lens choice.

The chapel in the Pelazzio is a lovely setting for a wedding ceremony

Love doing creative group shots even in the pouring down rain

The Pelazzio outdoor image which were taken while it was raining.

Loved the monogram on the wall

Cara’s bouquet ended up in the fabric from the ceiling but everyone was a good sport about it

Fun Exits with bubbles ended a great evening!

Thank you so very much for choosing us for your wedding photographers at the Pelazzio.


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