Why I love Weddings….

There are many types of photographers out there.  Wedding, family, senior, commercial, head shots, etc.  I love wedding photography and the reason is that my team and I get one chance, no do-overs, no retakes.  It is high pressure and fast moving and we like it like that.  I love getting to know my brides, grooms and their families.  I love capturing every aspect of their special day in a unique and special way.  No two weddings are alike and our approach is always fresh and new with every couple no matter where the location is.  What could be more fun than being a part of a day filled with love and joy – it’s just the best for me and my team.  Today I received this beautiful note from a bride that truly captures the reason why we do what we do.


Those images are beautiful!!!  People have asked me how the wedding was and to be honest, I do not remember very much of it.  Mostly because I was soooo busy saying hello to everyone and trying to spend some time with every one of my guests that the night just flew by me and I feel like I missed the party.  I have to tell you, these photos brought me to tears!!  I see now what my guest have been telling me all along. It was perfect and I am so grateful you were there to catch every moment!!

Thank you so much!!


It is just this very thing that makes our job so special.  We capture wedding days so brides and grooms can relive the day every time they look at an image or open their album.  That is our gift to these couples and we love doing it for them.

Here are a few of the special images from weddings, engagments and bridal sessions we have captured in the past couple of months… enjoy!


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