Kingwood Photographer – Book Cover Conceptional Shoot

Once in a blue moon you get a client who wants a conceptual shoot. Something which they are in but they want the images to be turned into full blown art. They want to be in the image, they want to know it is them but they give you full license to create no matter what you want to do.  Jayne came to be for a book cover and inside jacket image.  She wanted something ethereal.  She wanted beach and beyond that I was set free.   She let my artistic wings fly free and the result I love… she loves which makes me even happier.

When I create images I see the end result of the image in my head as I am shooting – if the images in black and white I shoot it in my brain in black and white even though it’s in living color on the back of my camera.  At the end of the shoot Jayne said I feel like I’m in a Norman Rockwall Painting.  But that is not what I was thinking. I was being inspired by the American Artist Andrew Wyeth.  I liked the idea of muted colors and the misty mood of these paintings.  I hope you enjoy this art…

November 15, 2012 - 3:09 am

candy baltazar - These are really nice photos. There are three that I am fond of. Will you tell us the name of her book. We may want to buy it.

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