Vintage Wedding at Rockefeller Hall – Houston Wedding Photographer

I often get asked if I can shoot in a vintage style.  It is an interesting question because vintage
means different things to different people.  I love “classic old style photography” that you find in the 40’s and 50’s.  Sometimes it’s de-saturated a bit, sometimes it’s black and white, and sometimes it’s just a half tone of
color.  What all of these styles have in common is that they are based on solid photographic principles.  Images which look like they have a film over them are improperly exposed and lack a real sense of detail especially in the whites.  Sun flare can be really beautiful when used properly and when you don’t lose the detail in the image.

You can achieve a vintage look in images by setup as well as post processing.  For weddings I think to
get a true vintage feel you, have to theme that throughout your entire wedding including your flower dress and location.  Location is key to getting a really cool vintage feel.  I photographed a wedding at photographed a
wedding at the historic Rockefeller Hall.  The entire vibe was very vintage style.

So here are a few of my vintage style images from the Rockefeller Wedding that are my favs.


Here are some of my other favorite vintage inspired images.

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